Teh Tarik
At Mr Teh Tarik, you’ll always be spoilt for choice. With a wide variety of food and drink choices, we believe there is something just for you.

Mr Teh Tarik

Mr Teh Tarik first started out in 2004 as a kiosk in the heart of Far East Square. We wanted to bring you great tea and coffee (‘tarik-ed’, of course) as an instant perk-me-up before you head on to the office for a day’s work, or as a mid-day refreshments! The kiosk became a go-to place for many. Our paper cups and iconic dome-lid cups soon became a common sight in the area. Teh Tarik, Kopi Tarik, Ice Teh Limau and Ice Bandung were amongst the favourites. Psst! What is YOUR favourite?

Many years have come and gone, we have grown with more than twenty outlets across Singapore with restaurants in shopping malls, eating houses in heartland areas, cafes in the parks and foodcourt in business district. Our humble kiosk has since grown to shop space, as you might have already known. Some of our restaurants and cafes even operate 24 hours!

Our Brands

Mr Teh Tarik Cartel
Mr Teh Tarik Express
Mr Teh Tarik Deli Logo
My Briyani House
Jubilee Food Supplies Logo

Catering Services

Jubilee Food Supplies, an entity of Mr Teh Tarik, provides catering services for birthday parties, private / corporate / wedding events as well as bento packed meals.

*For catering services, please feel free to get in touch with us by providing your requirements through the Catering Enquiry under contact page.